work was sooooo much better today
we werent as busy so people were actually showing me how to make drinks and stuff and they were giving me tasks but i spilled and iced capp which was embarrassing

my first day of work was actually terrible nobody was telling me what to do and i didnt know how to make anything because nobody was telling me what to do and i just stood there and the only girl who was actually talking to me and giving me stuff to do left half way through my shift
i feel so bad ugh we were so busy too and i was just standing there and i messed up an iced capp ugH

i survived orientation!!!

i have orientation for work on tuesday and im honestly so scared and idk what to wear???


my aesthetic is called “💀” because im goth but im also cute

we stayed up too late and now i wanna watch the sunrise but i also want to sleep

teenage rebellion am i right???

love the content on tumblr.corn

me being a sad idiot baby is so annoying sorry i promise im rolling my eyes at myself as i type

i feel really unfulfilled and idk how to feel fulfilled i feel like this feeling will stay with me until im out of school and i can actually start living life instead of waiting for time to pass
i just want to make use of the time thats passing me by while i wait though i feel like my life is going to waste and im just letting it blaaaaah


i had a job interview at tim hortons today which was so cool because #money and i love tim hortons and i live like 5 minutes away but also if i get the job im afraid im going to get the scary customers that yell at you???

i got the job!!!!

i love getting asks send me more i havent gotten any in a while

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